My and gorgeous Bougainvillea's gate. I myself am the happy owner of two Bougainvilleas... in my kitchen!



I am Kate - an independent florist specialising in ethereal, natural design. Based at Northwich, I supplier flowers and plants throughout Cheshire, nearby Liverpool and Manchester. I adore creating splendid wedding flowers and plant arrangements!

Everything started with passion and love for nature...   I grew up in a house full of flowers, lush ferns and... cacti! Living many years in a small apartment in a big city I know very well how to move a piece of forest or cactus greenhouse to the flat. My second „home” was the place where my grandparents lived - a small village, an old house, large gardens, fields and woods. There I loved the wild flora of the countryside and the woods, as well as the home garden full of peony, iris and roses! Next were mountains... and this freedom high up there! And this freedom I decided to move into floristics, listen to flowers and let them arrange as nature would like.


It was the beginning of learning, developing floral hobby. This love sprouted... and boom! Having another career experience, one day I decided to start a flower business on my own! In 2015 Perfect Bouquet Full Of Flowers was launched. Thanks to that, today I can fulfil the dreams of many wonderful couples embellish their weddings, bedeck important events, give someone a smile by delivering a bouquet of flowers or transform interiors by floral arrangements or plants… I am very grateful and glad.


Welcome to my world!




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